"...representatives from Collet and Schafer always made me feel like
my issue or question was the most important item at the moment.
This provided a great sense of security." - A client customer service director

"I just can't wait
to come back to work on Monday!"
- Operator of a Collet and Schafer human resources
tool after delivery of some requested
system enhancements on a late Friday afternoon

"Don't you guys ever sleep?"

- Client from a carwash business calling with a question at 6AM
- A corporate client calling from Buenos Aires at 9PM

(both expecting voicemail and getting a real person)

"Our survey actually improved thanks to the careful and
thoughtful attention Collet and Schafer gave to
each survey, each report, and the entire process."
- Bank officer overseeing a management assessment survey initiative

"The best reason to do business with
Collet and Schafer, Incorporated; however, is that they are
simply wonderful people to work with, day in and out."
- Chairperson for utility industry benchmarking survey

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